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מי אנחנו

Kimama-Genesis Camp

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An Israeli summer camp

Kimama Bereishit is a day camp   An Israeli that will open in the summer of 2019 in New Jersey.  

Bereishit is happy to join Kimama, an operator  The large and old camps

In Israel, to carry out an Israeli day camp for you in Hebrew, a short drive from Tenfly starting in the summer of 2019. A team of Hebrew-speaking Israeli instructors, in an unforgettable 8-week program will provide an empowering, enjoyable, and expansive experience, which will continue to connect the next generation to our Israeli roots even during the summer.  

Training team

Our responsible and experienced training team will give personal attention to each trainee, and will set a personal example for the trainees.

The training is conducted in Hebrew only by Israeli instructors who have graduated from Kimama, some of whom are emissaries from the Jewish Agency, all of whom have extensive experience in training and working with children. The instructors' ratio is 1: 6.

We assure you that our team has created for each of your children an amazing summer and a life-changing experience.

Activities in the camp

The activity in the camp enables the formation of friendships and making new connections, develops a sense of competence and independence among the campers, and strengthens the self-confidence and experience of face-to-face communication (a camp without telephones). We place great emphasis on building this framework.

The camp program is full of challenge and experience activities from morning to evening. These activities form the basis, to which we pour Israeli-educational content. We believe that through games, songs, and tasks, we make every activity more enjoyable, more educational, and much more nurturing.

The list of activities includes guided swimming, climbing wall, ropes course, arts and crafts, field cooking and camping. In addition, there will be a variety of enrichment activities in Hebrew, including music, theater, dance, sports, Israeli culture and other activities to strengthen Israeli identity.

The compound

The camp is located at Alpine Scouts Camp. 30 minutes drive from Manhattan and 15 minutes from Tenplay.  The camp takes place on an area of more than fifty beautiful dunams with spaces of nature, trees and lawns.

The complex itself has various activity areas, including rope bridges, a climbing wall, a pool, an archery complex, art complexes, sports fields, open areas and more. Drinking corners, cold water coolers and shading corners are scattered throughout the complex Outdoor based.  

The compound meets the standards  The safety required by law.  The camp is enclosed and fenced, it has neat gates, it is guarded, secured and completely protected, in a way that allows full control of the movement of vehicles and pedestrians in and out. During the camp, entry is not allowed without permission and prior arrangement.

For campers arriving from New Jersey the arrival is independent, between 8am and 9am, parents are welcome to arrive with vehicles to drop off the children in a tidy parking lot. Campers from New York City arrive at the camp site by organized transportation that will pass through various collection points near their residences, in comfortable, air-conditioned buses. The activity will start already during the trip with interactive songs and games. Transportation is subject to an additional charge.

Nutrition and food

The food in the camp is kosher and meets all the required health standards. The camp menu combines the heart desires of the campers with the just demands of the parents. In other words: both fun and healthy. Campers will receive a daily snack at the camp at 10 a.m., which includes fruit or snacks, and a hot, kosher lunch at 1 p.m.

The training staff completely oversees the nutrition of the children during the camp, and any child who has a personal problem, whether medical or otherwise, we know to give him the perfect answer. Please let us know in advance about any such case, so that we can prepare accordingly.

Health and Safety

In the camp complex, a clinic is equipped and staffed by a qualified medical staff (nurses) and is prepared to respond to any medical need. We take great care when it comes to drinking, to avoid overexposure to the sun and hygiene. Cold water facilities are scattered throughout the camp in shady corners for campers to use at all times.

During the camp, the safety procedures are meticulous, clear and unambiguous. A significant portion of the team's preparation plan for the summer is devoted to safety procedures and how everyone is required to adhere to their implementation. Also, our instructors make sure to drink plenty of water with your child and avoid overexposure to the sun during hours when the heat is at its peak.

During the hot hours of the day (after lunch) there will be no intense physical activity in outdoor facilities - and we will spend most of our time during these hours refreshing and playing in shady areas. The activity is fully insured for the entire period of the children's stay in the camp.

Ages, dates and prices

Sign up today and enjoy savings of up to $ 400 per child. They pay a $ 300 down payment today and guarantee a place in the camp.  Full refund by March 31st. 

The camp is for children ages 5-13 living in New Jersey or New York City. There will be a training program for boys and girls aged 14-16.

Camp Dates: From June 24 to August 16, 2019, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.

On July 4 the camp will be closed for activity.

* Registration is conditional on a minimum participation of two weeks 

* The number of weeks does not have to be in sequence, you can select certain weeks from the whole period

* Changes can be made at any time until the start of the camp based on availability

* The price will be determined on the basis of the registration date

* Additional $ 100 per week for Manhattan shuttle service

* Additional $ 80 per week for shuttle service from New Jersey

* 5% discount on second child, 10% discount on third child

* For payment by credit card a fee of 3% will be charged, you can pay by E-CHECK and avoid paying a fee.

* Cancellation Policy: It should be emphasized that in the event of cancellation for any reason, no refund will be given for the registration fee of $ 300.
Cancellation of participation in the camp up to a calendar month from the date of the opening of the class to which the trainee is registered - the trainee will be given a full refund except for the registration fee. Cancellation of participation in the camp between four weeks and two calendar weeks from the date of the opening of the cycle to which the trainee is registered - the trainee will be charged a registration fee + 50% of the price of the cycle. Cancellation of participation in the camp between two weeks and a calendar week from the date of the opening of the class to which the trainee is registered - the trainee will be charged a registration fee + 80% of the price of the class. Cancellation of participation in a calendar week camp and below from the date of the opening of the class to which the trainee is registered - no refund will be given.

CIT Training Course
(Counselor In Training)

For trainees aged 14-17, we offer a training course, at the end of which participants will be awarded a 'completion of a training course' certificate. Graduates of the course who will continue to volunteer training at the camp will receive a letter from us in favor of 'credits' as part of a contribution to the community.
As part of the course at the camp, participants will acquire a basket of tools in the field of training skills: facilitation, standing in front of a group, dealing with group challenges, formation and teamwork. In addition, the participants will develop leadership skills, experience experiential content development, guidance and activation of the young campers in the camp.
The course lasts four weeks from July 1st to the 26th
  July. Successful graduates will be given the opportunity to volunteer at the camp during the month of August (and earn 'credits' as part of a donation to the community)

Course cost: 
The price of the plan
  - $ 1400

* The opening of the course is conditional on a minimum of 8 participants

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