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Kimama-Genesis Camp // Frequently Asked Questions

On this page we have gathered questions and answers that came up during the information meetings held in preparation for the Kimama-Genesis camp.

We will be happy to answer any further questions sent to

Is the pool heated, what is the maximum depth of the water, and are there toilets and showers nearby?

The swimming pool in a semi-Olympic camp and is intended for bathing for summer camps and children, the depth of the water starts from shallow water and reaches  7ft, the pool is heated and there are wardrobes in the building itself (toilets and showers)

Each trainee will receive from us a towel for bathing in the pool (no need to bring from home), the pool water with chlorine.

Are there air-conditioned areas in the complex?

Most of the camp's activity takes place in open areas and in nature between trees, gazebos and shade nets. There are two air-conditioned areas that are suitable for activities and we will operate in them as needed.

In which areas of the camp are toilet cubicles located and at what level?

For the benefit of Kimama-Bereishit trainees, we will set up a mobile toilet facility that will be adjacent to our area of activity throughout the summer. See a picture to illustrate the type and level of services we will hire. In addition, other restrooms are located throughout the camp, including in the area where we will hold our activity in the auditors (shows, ceremonies, indoor activities), as well as in the pool area.

What are the security arrangements in the compound during the camp?

The camp has one entrance gate, in a way that allows full control of the movement of vehicles and pedestrians in and out. During the hours of activity, entry will not be allowed without prior coordination with the camp director. Every visitor who enters receives an identification sticker  And the ranger walks around the camp during all hours of activity to make sure no unauthorized people are walking around.

How many camps will be held parallel to us in the compound, and how many children in total will roam the compound?

The camp complex is huge in size and is divided into different areas and separate complexes scattered over the surface. Simultaneously with the Kimama-Bereishit camp, there will be a day camp for American Scouts, which will be attended by about 50 campers. There may be additional camps, for a period of two / three weeks during the summer. In any case, the number of children in the compound at the same time will not exceed 300.

What are the proposed solutions for rainy days?

In the center of the camp there is an indoor activity center where we will hold activities and games such as: climbing wall, movies, shows, dancing, board games and more.

What is the distance from the center of the camp to the pool and the covered corners?

All camp activities are located about a 5-minute walk from the Kimama-Genesis shed

Will mosquitoes / insects be sprayed in the camp compound before the campers arrive?

Will be carried out  At least a few treatments in the area of activity of Kimama-Genesis trainees. In any case, we will ask the parents to spray / apply mosquito repellent.

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