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מי אנחנו

Registration to host a courier in the summer of 2019

 This summer, 18 couriers and couriers come to us  From Israel, who were carefully selected by the Jewish Agency, to be the leading instructors of the Kimama-Genesis camp. These are young guys full of motivation and joy of life, who bring authenticity from Eretz Israel to the camp, and will provide a significant addition to our children's Israeli summer experience.


The apostles, aged 21-23, will spend with us for 9 weeks during the summer. We are looking for families from New Jersey and Manhattan who would be happy to volunteer to host one or more of the apostles.  For at least three weeks. The Kimama-Genesis camp will take care of transporting the emissaries to and from the camp. The host families are asked to receive the apostles as part of their family during the accommodation period, to provide them with a bedroom, breakfast and dinner, etc. In our experience, this is a unique hospitality experience for the entire host family, parents and children alike, which will be remembered for many good years.


If you can host please fill in the details in the form which is on this page as soon as possible.

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