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Genesis is a 501c3 non-profit organization founded in May 2011 and run on a voluntary basis by a group of parents from the Israeli-American community in northern New Jersey.

Each of the Israeli families grapples with the constant question of how to maintain Israeli uniqueness within the family unit, and how to live with the constant conflict between the need to define ourselves as Israelis living in America and the deep connection to Israeliness in Israel and the Jewish world in its various shades. Genesis seeks to provide the tools that will help turn each family’s individual coping into a community coping, through various programs and activities throughout the year, for children, adults and the entire family.

Genesis organization is managed by a board of directors, with each representative on the board leading an activity committee (at least one). Most of the work is done within the framework of the activity committees. Today, over 60 members of the community are partners in all of Genesis' active committees. All work is done on a voluntary basis.

Genesis' flagship program is Hebrew studies for children and youth, with an emphasis on spoken Hebrew, writing and reading.

מי אנחנו

About Genesis

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