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Equipment List

The following is a list of equipment required for the camp each day:

  • Swimsuit

  • A bag for the wet swimsuit

  • Sunscreen - Please apply at home before leaving for the day of activity

  • Hat - will be provided by the camp but must be brought daily

  • Closed shoes - it is mandatory to move around the camp in closed shoes, except during the pool

  • Water bottle - Please bring reusable refillable bottles

  • Pool shoes - sandals or flip flops

  • Another set of clothes

  • Insect spray

No need to bring towels. The camp provides a towel service.

Please arrive in comfortable clothes.

Please tag on the child's behalf all items including: clothing, sandals, hats and water bottle


The following is the equipment list required daily for camp:

  • A bathing suit  

  • A plastic bag for the wet bathing suit

  • Sunscreen (please apply at home in the mornings as well)

  • Hat - one will be provided by camp. Please bring it to camp every day.

  • Shoes / snickers - it is mandatory to move about the campgrounds with closed shoes only, except for during pool time

  • A refillable water bottle  

  • sandals or flip flops for pool time

  • A second set of clothes that can be changed into

  • Insect repellent

There is no need to bring a towel. The camp provides a towel service.  

Please send campers in comfortable clothing.

Very important -  please put name tags on all your child's belongings including clothes, sandals, hats, and water bottles.

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