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מי אנחנו

Lunch Menu // Lunch Menu

Monday - Hamburger and roasted potatoes, corn and fruit

Tuesday - Chicken with Lou Maine noodles, vegetables and fruits

Wednesday - pasta bolognese, chopped vegetables and fruit

Thursday - Grilled chicken leg ("polka"), mashed potatoes, jade and fruit

Friday - pizza, vegetables and fruits

The food comes fresh, hot and is kosher. 

Parents of children with allergies or vegetarians / vegans - please contact the camp director



Monday - Hamburger  with roasted potatoes, corn and fruit 

Tuesday - Chicken lo-mein, veggies fruit
Wednesday - pasta with meat sauce, cut veggies & fruit
Thursday - chicken legs, mashed potatoes veggies and
Friday - pizza, sliced veggies, fruit

Food is freshly prepared daily, served hot and is Kosher

Please contact camp staff with any dietary restrictions

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