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מי אנחנו

Programs and activities

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Genesis Plan

program  Modern for learning Hebrew for Israeli-American children living in the northern state of New Jersey. The plan  Offers a comprehensive learning experience that combines many and varied activities of sensory stimulation such as: music, art, movement, cooking and more. The scope of the program is weekly meetings for about an hour and a half  Throughout the school year.

The program will focus on spoken language, writing and reading.  The instruction is done  In Hebrew only  By certified Israeli teachers  Professionalism and extensive experience.

Genesis Tech

A collection of meetings for Israeli-Americans from the high-tech industries. The purpose of the meetings is to strengthen the professional network while keeping up to date on companies and ventures in the world of Israeli technology. You can sign up for a group  Here .

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Community events

As part of the Genesis Holidays program, students are taught and celebrated in a class setting.

There are a number of holidays for which Genesis produces multi-participant community events.

The purpose of the events is to mark the holidays in a community setting also for families who do not participate in the program.


Lectures for adults only on various topics. Whether it's a politician, a journalist, a scientist or a holistic therapist in a new way - anyone with an interesting story on an interesting topic is welcome to lecture to community members and give adults a chance to meet and talk. The lectures take place  In Hebrew only  In the homes of community members who donate their home for the event. The goal is to institutionalize adult meetings to build and strengthen social bonds. 

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Kimama-Genesis Camp

Bereishit runs an Israeli summer camp in Hebrew, in order to preserve the children's connection and strengthen their Israeli identity even during the summer months in an environment where activities related to Israel are intertwined with an experiential and fun agenda.

Children from the ages of 5 to 16 from New Jersey and New York come to the camp during the summer months.

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In the beginning of youth

A program to promote young leadership and social excellence for youth ages 14-16.

Sons and daughters of mitzvah

Educational program for boys and girls of mitzvah age.  

The program helps build a value and root identity and foster value and moral behavior.

The program is discussed  Various issues with reference to the personal, social and national world.

Family involvement

Beyond the sense of satisfaction that volunteering in Genesis gives us parents, there is nothing better for our children than to see us partners in doing.

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An educating family

Connecting new families with old families who will accompany them on their new path

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