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מי אנחנו

"Dabrashit" - a series of lectures for adults

Join us for a series of intellectual lectures on a variety of topics, for adults only. The lecturers in the series are public officials in Israel, security and peace personnel, academics, intellectuals, as well as freelancers.

The dates of the lectures and lectures will be published from time to time, when determined. If you have any interesting knowledge that you want to share with us, or that you can connect us with this or that personality who will donate her time and come to lecture to us voluntarily, please contact us at

The lectures are held in the homes of families who will volunteer to host.  If you are interested in hosting a lecture, please  Send an email to . When setting a date for a lecture, we will contact you to see if you can host on that date. Hosting a lecture earns 2 parental involvement points.
If you would like information on upcoming lectures, please join our mailing list.

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