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Family involvement

Bereishit was founded as a non-profit organization by parents and for all families in the community. Bereishit is largely based on parental volunteering. It's better for our children than to see us as partners. So this year in the beginning will create opportunities where our children can also volunteer. We will update you on events or opportunities where the parent can volunteer with his children and in cases where the child can volunteer without an accompanying parent.

To this end, and with the understanding that not every family is able to contribute the required time, at the beginning of each school year a family involvement deposit of $ 200 per family was collected, in addition to the tuition. This deposit is against 4 mixed points that can be accrued in different ways during the year (examples can be found in the table below). We look forward to hoping to return the deposit to each and every family at the end of the year after all volunteer-required tasks have been fully covered.

Volunteering at a Genesis / One Point 

Genesis holds various events for the children of Genesis, their families, and the entire community.

The activities at the event that qualify for parental involvement credits are: Volunteering to assist in setting up an event,

Dismantling of an event (minimum two hours), participation in preparations for the event, graphic design for an event, activation of a position at the event.

Membership in the committee / 4 points

Bereishit operates through committees that meet regularly and each committee operates in its field and reports to the management team.

Each committee has active members of the management team as well as other volunteer parents. Participation in the committee involves coordination meetings and forward movement of the same field in which the committee deals (at least 80% attendance at the meetings)

Recruitment sponsor or donor / 4 points

Recruitment of a sponsor or donor who will support an activity in the beginning of the year of activity by sponsoring or donating at least $ 3,000.

Conducting an activity / lecture at home / 2 points

Many of our activities are held in the homes of community members, whether these are lectures or completion classes.

Parent grade  / 2 points

Parent grade  Keeps in touch with the teacher and principal during the year and a classroom communication center with the rest of the parents.

Please note that additional tasks may be added to this table during the year which will earn family involvement points.

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