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Hebrew School
Registration for the school year


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Promise the place and keep the Hebrew

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About the school

Genesis Hebrew School allows children to learn in a method built especially for Israeli children growing up in our community, with study materials and tools developed in Israel. Bereishit is the only school where all Israeli teachers have an academic education, a teaching certificate and experience in learning Hebrew.

A few more important details

The activity takes place on Thursdays, in the afternoon at Temple Emanuel in Cloister, New Jersey.

The cost of the program in advance registration is $ 1,199 (full price: $ 1,499) which also includes the textbooks and free admission to Genesis events throughout the year. In addition, each family will be charged a $ 100 parental involvement deposit. The deposit will be refunded at the end of the school year to families who have joined and assisted with activities during the year. Full details on the Genesis website.

Why Bereisheet

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Renewal of registration for the next school year for existing students

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