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Matching Program

Many companies and organizations offer a plan  Matching  To encourage contribution to the community. In the program  Matching  The company transfers donation money to the same organization to which the employee donated, the amount of donation transferred by the company is usually the same  (Match)  Or double that originally donated by the employee.

We in Genesis, will greatly appreciate the assistance from the e program  Matching  Of your company. As a token of appreciation that you are willing to participate in the program and invest the time in the necessary bureaucracy in filling out the forms, we will be happy to provide you with a gift voucher of 15% of the total donation.

Please refer to the terms of use shown below

Terms of Use:

-  15% will be given from the amount donated by you and your company together.

-  The gift voucher can be used against any paid service collected by Genesis (tuition, parental involvement, entry to events, parties, etc.) The gift voucher has no cash value (can only be used within Genesis, can not be redeemed).

-  You can combine the program e  Matching  And plan  Benefactors, however, for tax reasons only the part contributed by the employee in the plan e  Matching  Will be calculated for  Benefactor.

-  The gift voucher can be transferred at your discretion.

Genesis is a non-profit organization, all donations are subject to tax exemption approval.

To participate in the program  Matching  Please contact us at

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