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Registration for the 2019 Zionism Quiz

*** The event has been postponed to Independence Day ***

Genesis is happy to announce the "Zionist Quiz" for families! The quiz is a unique project in collaboration  The Zionist Council  Of the World Zionist Organization, which connects Zionist families from around the country and the world during six months of activity culminating in a huge Independence Day final event, which will feature an interactive quiz on a major television broadcast connecting different generations of the Zionist story in a contemporary educational experience.

How to participate?
On Thursday
  April 11, 2019  At 6:30 p.m.  The final stage of the New York / New Jersey area will be held. In order to participate in the quiz, you must register in advance on this page.

The quiz will be held at Temple Emanuel in Cloister, New Jersey. The address is:

180 Piermont Road, Closter, NJ

pay attention! The quiz is for families, that is, adults and children together.

The winning family at this stage will advance to the final stage  In Israel, which will be held on April 29, 2019, will be filmed for Israeli television  And will be broadcast on the 71st Independence Day  Of the State of Israel!

The Zionist Council will fund a flight and a four-night stay at a hotel  For the winning family (parent + child). 

It is recommended to enter the site , watch the final of the Zionist quiz from recent years, examine yourself and learn through the study website.  

Questions? We will be happy to answer by email

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