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Donation as described in the table below will entitle the donor to the status of a trustee (Benefactor)  And provides the donor with free tuition for the school program and free admission to all Genesis events.

Here are the rules of the program:

-  There are a number of different levels of Benfactor and each level confers a different number of entitlements to free tuition.

-  The free tuition benefit can be used for personal use or transferred to a needy family at your discretion.

-  If your child is already registered for the program, it will be possible to take advantage of the benefit retroactively.

-  Free tuition benefit including exemption from paying "parental involvement" deposit.

-  Benfactor status grants free admission to Genesis events to both the trustee and the recipient of the benefit if it is decided to transfer the tuition benefit     To another family.

-  Benfactor is entitled to indicate his name on the Genesis website if interested.


The amount of the donation               Free children in the program

$ 3,000                            1

$ 5,000                           2

$ 6,800                           3

$ 8,450                           4

$ 10,000                           5


Genesis is a non-profit organization, all donations are subject to tax exemption approval  (In clearing amounts for which the donor received a monetary benefit).

To join the program  Benefactors  Please contact us at

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