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Genesis support

"Bereishit" was founded and run voluntarily by parents in northern New Jersey and its main purpose is to instill in our child an Israeli-Jewish-American identity, enrich the Hebrew language for them and strengthen their connection to the State of Israel. Since the organization was established in 2011, we , Bnei Mitzvah program and identity casting program for youth, we have enriched the life of the community with unique events, lectures for adults, Genesis Tech and the list goes on ...

In order for Genesis programs to be accessible to the whole community, the tuition we charge covers only part of the total operating expenses of the organization and we are forced to rely on sponsors and donations to fund and carry out all the activities described above.

Your help and support is extremely important to us!


Genesis is proud to present two new programs to support the community and help fund the organization's activities,  And at the same time the right to provide free tuition at discretion

your opinion -  The plan  Benefactors  And the Matching Plan  . Click on the link for more details.

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